这是一个融游戏与启发于一体的英语课堂,经过两个学期的学习,我四岁的儿子一直处于进步状态, 他尤其在口语和阅读上表现出比以往有更多的自信。另外,我发现他在阅读时,并不只是阅读, 有时他还处于思考,探寻和反思。对于即将进入小学的儿童,这些基础显然都是至关重要的。儿子对这个课堂很感兴趣,我下学期会继续给他报名。

It is heuristic teaching in a fun way, my son makes progress in studying English through the games in class, and I found he tends to be more confident in speaking English and reading English books than before.  I also found that when my son is reading, he is not just reading, he is thinking, exploring and reflecting. All these acquirements of progress in reading knowledge are substantially vital for the four year old’s forthcoming kindergarten. I will continue to enroll in this reading class for my son as he is interested in it.

Claudia J. - Parent