My son has been attending Tara’s class for more than six months. We have noticed significant improvement in his ability to read and spell words. His confidence level and interest in learning have also increased. We, as parents, also enjoy reading Tara’s email update after each of her classes. Tara, thank you so much for your good work!

Steve - Parent in Hornsby


Liming - Parent of a preschool child

Tara is brilliant! Her lessons are individually tailored to engage each child, in order to achieve their maximum learning potential. Since beginning our lessons with Tara, Isaac has grown considerably in his ability and continues to improve with each week and most importantly, thoroughly enjoys his lessons and enjoys the world of reading! Thank you!

Simone - Parent of a Kindergarten student

Thank you for your email, Tara. I am simply blown away by the progress Chloe is making. I actually had concerns only a couple of months ago at Chloe’s attempts at beginning sounds – she was hopeless! Now she tells me all day what words start with and is getting them right just about every time. Lachie is loving sitting on the floor with Chloe doing her “homework” (so lovely to watch them, too) and Chloe loves spelling her name for me. We are now able to teach her a few more words like Mum and Dad which is lovely.

Thank you again for the effort you put in with the kids – I can tell you, for us it is paying off!

Alana - Parent of a preschool child

The response from parents and children has been all positive since introducing Eager Readers classes at Hornsby Central Preschool Kindergarten. Eager Readers classes have taught many of our children the fundamental skills for reading and has improved their confidence & enthusiasm for learning.
When Tara arrives for classes the children are alive with excitement and on other days the children are constantly asking when the next Eager Readers class will be. I highly recommend Eager Readers and believe the children who attend these classes are gaining the necessary skills to be successful readers and ultimately successful learners.”

Peta Brosnahan - Director, Hornsby Central Preschool Kindergarten

My son has benefited from Eager Readers lessons in many ways. He loves books more than ever and started saying ‘my book says …..’ He gets private 1:1 sessions for better concentration and his special needs, and what I like more from this is the ability of Tara to adapt the lesson to his needs and interests. He is always looking forward to having his lesson with her because he has so much fun and is learning at the same time. Thanks Tara!

Mi hijo se ha beneficiado enormemente con Eager Readers en diferentes aspectos. El ama los libros mas que nunca y constantement dice “mi libro dice xxx o yyy”. My hijo recibe 1:1 clase para ayudarlo con su concentracion puesto a que tiene necesidades especiales. En tales clases la capacidad de Tara en adaptarlas a sus gustos e intereses es asombrosa. Lo mantiene totalmente motivado y siempre esta alegre de tener su clase con ella y siempre muy orgulloso de los libros que hace con Tara.  Para mi es simplemente perfecto porq mi hijo esta aprendiendo al mismo tiempor que esta jugando y es feliz en su clase. Muchas Gracias Tara !!

Parent of a student receiving 1-to-1 lessons

我们非常幸运遇到TARA 老师, 她有资深的教学经历, 董孩子的心理, 知道怎样教学并保持孩子对学习的兴趣, 她虽然脾气好, 非常和蔼善良, 但她能得当的把孩子的课堂行为控制的很好. 所有的学生都很喜欢她. 我们的孩子有时对一些校外课程不太积极, 但他对TARA 老师的每次课都盼望并积极参与. TARA 老师是我们遇到的最好的英语老师.

Gary F.

I am very pleased that my daughter joined Eager Readers class because I can see her progressing in the class. First of all, she is enjoying it and waiting for the next class, which means she is very interested in what she learns. Secondly, good quality of curriculum makes strong basic skills in reading. Next, detailed feedback and recommendations via email after the classes give me suggestions on how I can help my daughter at home. I would like to recommend Eager Readers as my daughter is more active and confident than ever.

수업이 진행됨에 따라 제 아이의 눈에 보이는 변화들을 보면 참 Eager Reader 수업을 참여시키기를 잘 한 것 같습니다.
첫째로, 아이가 놀이처럼 배우는 수업을 재미있어하며 또 다음 수업을 기대합니다. 둘째로, 좋은 커리큘럼이 기본기를 잘 잡아주는것 같습니다.
또, 수업후에 이메일로 보내주는 피드백은 저와 아이에게 많은 도움을 줍니다.
전보다 점점 능동적이고 자신감있게 변하는 아이를 보면 수업에 참여하기를 참 잘했다는 생각이 듭니다.

Elena L. - Parent of student receiving 1-to-1 lessons

Eager Readers has assisted the children at Rhodes Central Preschool Kindergarten with skills to enhance English with ESL classes and the confidence to build strong foundations in literacy development. The weekly classes have not only boosted the children’s self-assurance, but also have gained their confidence to interact in the classroom amongst their educators and peers.

Tara’s enthusiasm and skillful training has created a dynamic environment that has increased the children’s interest in reading. The children have shown great enthusiasm and excitement throughout the class and I highly recommend Eager Readers classes for any child who is eager to read!

Rema Takchi - Director, Rhodes Central Preschool

My daughter is always very excited about her Eager Readers class each week. She is enjoying learning how to put the letters together to make a word and we have seen a real boost in her confidence as she realises her own ability. The personalised feedback we receive after each lesson reassures us that Eager Readers is very worthwhile for our daughter and her development.

Naomi G. - Parent of a preschool child