Thank you for your amazing encouragement of Isabelle and her writing. She loves coming to class and is pretty happy to do her homework as well as you keep it so fun. I enjoy seeing how you teach and help the kiddos expand there ideas. It definitely helps me to be able to support her more at home as well. We often use your methods when preparing for news items and other school work.

- Year 1 parent

Dear Tara, I appreciate you teaching my boys. They enjoy going to your class so much every week. Your class is full of fun and they love playing those word games that have been designed by you. They have improved a lot in their reading and writing skills. We are delighted to send our kids to you. Thank you very much!

Emily - Parent of Year 2 students


Bruce, a Year 2 parent

Hi Tara!
The picture you sent is one of my favourite photos of Leah at preschool, she still has very fond memories of your classes. She’s in Year 1 this year and you’ll be pleased to know that she loves to read and her favourite day of the school week is library day 🙂  Thank you for getting her off to a fantastic start!


Thank you for teaching Joshua the past two years. You’ve been a wonderful teacher, and I know that Josh has really enjoyed going to your classes. He’s also learnt so much from you, which has helped him transition into big school more easily. So thank you!

Helen - Parent of a Kindy child

Thanks Miss Tara! Just wanted to let you know that not just kids love your classes, I was enjoying as well! Kids learn from all the wonderful games! Excellent job!!!

Cindy - Parent of a preschool child

Zachary started Eager Reader classes when he was 4. We speak Korean at home so I wanted to give him some basic English before he starts school. Well, it ended up being much more than just ‘a bit of English’! Zachary absolutely loved the class thanks to Tara. It gave him confidence, a positive start to reading and because he enjoyed the classes so much it also lead him to enjoy reading at home as well. I must say this was the best school ready activity I had done for him and I am so happy that he could start reading with such a positive experience. A huge thank you to Tara. She is professional, engaging and most importantly fun! I will be back with my second child when he is ready for the class!

Winnie - Parent

My son is in total awe of Tara! He got settled in about 2 weeks with one-to-one sessions with her. Her play-based approach to learning made my son at ease to grasp early literacy skills which was a big relief for us as parents. We cannot wait to be back with her in 2016…

Priya - Parent in Hornsby

I really appreciated the time, techniques and care Tara has taken to come alongside my daughter and teach her gently but firmly through the initial stage of learning to read in English. The sessions have really worked out beautifully and I can see the benefit for her. She is confident and very excited each week to start the lesson and jumps into homework straight away.

We love reading Tara’s weekly email update for each child. I enjoy and take away a lot of things from Tara’s emails and better understand the learning process. The feedback from Tara has been great so I can better help my daughter at home. Thanks Tara and keep up your excellent work!

Vivi - Parent of a preschool child


Yvonne - Parent in Hornsby